Meet some of the students


Zest Sussex is a community interest company which supports & trains people with learning disabilities & autism to deliver a professional car valet service giving them more opportunities to be more independent and gain employment. It allows everyone to utilise their skills, learn new strengths, achieve excellent results and realise every individuals full potential.


Kieran Baldwin - Trainee


Hi I'm Kieran. I like to take before and after photos of the cars we valet. I am really proud of the work we do. I always ask if I can speak to customers so I can show them around  their cars when we are finished.


Alex Golding - Trainee

Hello my name is Alex. My favourite job on the car is vacuming. Zest makes me smile and I work very hard. I am proud I can travel on my own and before Zest I had never been on a train on my own before.

Perry Orr - Trainee

I love using Tango which is one of our professional cleaning products, on the outside of the cars to get rid of all the dirt and grime. I am so proud to complete my training in the shortest time and I love working with the Zest team now.

Sam Trim - Trainee

When we finish our work on the car it looks brand new. I like doing the really filthy jobs like the wheels. It can be really tough but I always have a smile on my face because I crack all the jokes.

Sophie Halas - Trainee


Hello I'm Sophie, I work at Zest Car valeting. I really like working here. I'm the only girl so far on the project, working with the lads, I love it! We all look out for each other.

"Team work makes the dream work."


Paul Marshall - Trainee


From Paul at Zest. I run my Thursday team like a well oiled machine. It's my job to keep Martin (the boss) in line. I have learn't lots at Zest and I can now take car bookings at Eastbourne.


Arran Reed - Trainee

Hi I'm Arran I like talking to customers and I like customer service. When we finish a car I always show the customer around the car and show them the jobs we have done.

Sam Lewis - Trainee


Hello I'm Sam. Zest makes me feel happy. I always do a good job. Working with the team makes me smile. I am team leader sometimes and I am good at taking charge I like the responsibility of being the team leader.


Rashid Al-Dashbashi - Trainee


Hi I'm Rashid. I love doing the wheels and the tyres and the team all know me as the wheel expert which makes me feel so good.